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And now…a Brief Musical Interlude.

We’re still alive!

Back with more reviews soon!

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Coming up at Wipe…(update)

So it looks as though we’re going to move ahead with our plans (previously mentioned here) to tackle the IMDb top 250 in an ongoing series of articles over the next year or so (who knows at this point how long the task will take?). Look for this “IMDb 250” series to start up in the approaching days, once all the kinks have been ironed out (formatting, methodology, etc.).

More exciting news coming down the pipeline: in addition to reviewing the IMDb top 250, a few brave souls at Wipe have decided to take it upon themselves to seek out as many of the IMDb bottom 100-rated movies as possible, and subject them to no-less-than-rigorous exegesis.

There are some pretty lively titles to be found on the list, which can be seen here. Wipe is certainly anxious to learn what ungodly cinematic terrors await in films like Die Hard Dracula; Pocket Ninjas (starring Robert Z’Dar!); and The Barbaric Beast of Boggy Creek, Part II. And yet, we can already tell you that at least one of the films on the list–It’s Pat: The Movie–might be a masterpiece. So the review process on the bottom 100 could prove more contentious than first meets the eye.

There is of course one major obstacle to reviewing the bottom 100: a lot of these films will be awfully difficult to find. We’ll do our best to get ’em all, but we might need your help with some of the more esoteric titles, if you happen to be someone who specializes in tracking down obscure foreign horror films and the like. In the coming weeks, Wipe’ll be on the hunt for the 100, keeping you apprised of the movies we find, and the ones we don’t. Expect reviews for these cellar dwellers to begin sometime between now and the beginning of March.

Thanks very much for hanging with us!


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Coming up at Wipe…

Hey reader. The Wipe team has been busy brainstorming ideas for articles that might attract a wider readership and at the same time be something unique to Wipe. Every movie site does reviews, so what’s so special about ours? (Aside from the fact that they’re always insightful, cogent, life-altering.) Well, in an effort to branch out to more readers than just the people who know us (love and thanks to all of you), Wipe has decided to embark on an ambitious project: to review all 250 of the top-rated movies at IMDb. We’ve always had it in mind to do a wholesale reevaluation of the “great movies” from one canon or another; the IMDb list seems the one most pertinent to the average internet user’s tastes. Call it a shamelessly populist venture on our part, but we feel this is the best way to check the temperature of movie fever in the greater web population.  (Or maybe it’s a ploy to lure fanboys to our blog.)

OK, so we’ll review the IMDb 250. What’s gonna be so unique about that? Well, maybe we haven’t worked that out just yet. Isn’t it interesting enough that we’re prepared to give our views on the most popular films according to the internet? No? In that case, here’s an idea: we could read the user reviews posted on each of the movies’ IMDb page and occasionally quote from and respond to these users in our own reviews, enacting a dialogue (of sorts).

We are aware that there’s at least one glaring problem with reviewing the IMDb 250: it’s constantly in flux. A movie released next week–From Paris with Love, for example–could conceivably find its way into the 250 with enough positive user ratings (there’s gotta be millions of Travolta nuts out there somewhere [like Cam…]). To solve this problem, perhaps we’ll simply put a freeze on the 250 on a certain day, and work from the list as it stands at that point (we would of course post the 250 we plan to work from after the freeze).

Again, we’ll work the kinks out on this and get back to you. Who knows, maybe we’ll find the project’s impossible or otherwise not worth the trouble, and you’ll have to forget this post ever happened…

Please comment with suggestions if you feel inclined.


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